The CBC elders feel that the following men are qualified to serve as elders at Calvary Bible Church (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9). God has given them a heart for Calvary and they love and want to serve our church family.

Our church constitution requires members to examine the potential candidates as to their worthiness to serve in this God-ordained office. If you have biblical reservations regarding the individuals listed below, you are asked to present your concerns in writing to the chairman of the Elder Board (Charlie Hansen) as soon as possible, click the button below or put a letter in one of the offering boxes before May 15 (addressed to Church Elders).

Please be aware that written concerns must also bear the signature of the person expressing the concern or they are deemed invalid. The elders will investigate these concerns & subsequently withdraw the name if the charges are accurate. If the charges are unfounded or if there are no reservation brought up against the candidate, they will then be affirmed for service as a Calvary Bible Church Elder at the Church Lunch & Congregational Meeting on May 21.

Concerns for Elders

Sean Freund

Sean Freund

I was born and raised in Wisconsin.  After graduating from high school, I attended Moody Bible Institute. Upon graduation, Beth and I got married and moved to Pennsylvania, where we taught in a Christian school. Then we became missionaries in Brazil and taught in an international Christian school. While in Brazil, I began pursuing a Masters in Christian Leadership. After living in Brazil, we moved back stateside, where I taught and eventually became principal at a school in Lancaster, PA. After 10 years, God saw it fit to move our family to Oshkosh to serve as principal at Valley Christian school.  I have been at VCS for the past 8 years and love equipping students to impact their world for Christ.

My wife Beth teaches library at VCS.  She is the love of my life, my biggest supporter, and my best friend. I am grateful that God has given us the opportunity to raise a family and do ministry together. We have 5 kids with ages ranging from college to 3rd Grade. As a family, we enjoy going on vacations together, playing games with each other, and going camping.

We have been at CBC for over seven years, and we have appreciated the solid teaching, strong children's ministry, and excellent friendships with fellow believers. Beth and I serve together on the Community of Parents leadership team. I have been on the men’s ministry team, taught various equipping classes, and currently serve as the AWANA T&T Boys Commander.

I accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of 5 through an evangelistic event. It was then that I understood that I was a sinner and needed a Savior. Throughout my life, I can look back and identify key times when God placed people into my life to provide wisdom, encouragement, and course redirection. God has grown and used my gift of leadership in Christian education over the past 17 years, and I have also been able to use these gifts often to serve the church in a variety of capacities.  I look forward to serving alongside a Godly group of elders in shepherding the CBC flock.

Brian Borke

Brian Borke

My wife, Melissa, and I have attended Calvary Bible Church for 12 years. We were drawn to CBC’s dedication to scripture, genuine worship, and sincere fellowship. My wife and I have served in Children’s Ministry and AWANA, and we recently co-chaired the Growing Together campaign. I’ve been involved with D-groups and I currently lead CBC’s Security Team. Melissa is helping lead homeschool teaching groups and pro-life advocacy both inside and outside CBC.

Melissa and I enjoy parenting our four young children. Melissa homeschools them while I’m at work as an engineer. We spend the remaining time playing with our children, fixing our farmhouse, splitting firewood, and drying lumber.

When I was a child, I had very good parents and siblings (and still do). We went to church every Sunday and I was involved with choir, youth group, and other things. However, my eyes and ears were not open to see and hear the gospel or to understand my sinful nature and need for Jesus as my Savior. The Lord used Campus ministry in college, and the believers there, to open my eyes to hear the gospel and accept Jesus. For the first time I understood my sinful nature, repent of it, and ask Jesus to forgive me and give me new life through him. I also began to understand that God has a purpose for my life and is victorious in the end (and He always has been). I gained a relationship with Christ and hope in my life.

Because I have been blessed by believers who have encouraged and shepherded me, I likewise enjoy opportunities to help people gain the hope and joy of salvation and to encourage people in their walks with the Lord. Encouraging people is life-giving to me, and I believe it is a way that Jesus gives me life to the full as he promised in John 10. I also believe it’s an example of good works in Ephesians 2 that God prepared in advance for me to do, not to earn salvation, but to enjoy and display God’s riches and grace. I’m excited for the possibility to serve as an elder at Calvary as we worship Him, grow in our faith, serve the kingdom, and scatter to share the gospel.