C-Team Summer Retreat
C-Team is looking forward to a return to our Annual Summer Retreat this summer to the Jeske Cottage and all 6th-8th Grade Students are invited!

Registration closed on Wednesday, June 29, 2022

C-Team, our middle school youth group, is headed to the Jeske Cottage for a weekend of outdoor activities and opportunities for students to grow in their faith. This is the first retreat with the new incoming 7th grade class! It's a great opportunity for the new class to get to know our leaders and other students involved in C-Team. Registration will open in late spring.

Click the following link to fill out a medical release form:

Medical Release Form

C-Team Summer Retreat


Jeske Cottage


Tim Spranger


more details coming in the months ahead...watch your C-Team calendars and the facebook page for more info on when registration is opening.

Registration closed on Wednesday, June 29, 2022