Classes for elementary students (Kindergarten – Grade 5) meets on Sundays during the 8:30am Worship Service and the 9:45am Middle Hour.

At the CBC Elementary classes, you will find kids enjoying a dynamic, fun-filled morning learning about Jesus and the Gospel in both a large group & small group format. We want to partner with you in developing your children's spiritual lives. Our current curriculum leads us through the Bible, focusing on the foundational stories so children will understand not only the facts of the story, but also the biblical principles & applications it can communicate. The lessons also correlate with the preschool lessons so that our 2 year olds – fifth graders are studying the same Bible stories each Sunday.

Elementary kids are also always welcome to attend either Sunday Morning worship service with their parents. We have activity sheets that correlate with the sermon available outside the Worship Center.



start in the Gym then various small group rooms


Deb Rohrkaste
(920) 725-3896