If you have biblical reservations regarding the individuals or items for voting listed below, you are asked to present your concerns in writing to the chairman of the Elder Board (Charlie Hansen) as soon as possible, click the button below or put a letter in one of the offering boxes before September 18, 2023 (addressed to Church Elders). If you have questions, please contact Director of Administration, Josiah Rocke in the church office.

Please be aware that written concerns about voted positions must also bear the signature of the person expressing the concern or they are deemed invalid. The elders will investigate these concerns & subsequently withdraw the name if the charges are accurate. If the charges are unfounded or if there are no reservation brought up against the candidate, they will then be affirmed for service at Calvary Bible Church after the vote at the Annual Meeting.

Concerns for Elders

We will be voting on these 3 items at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, September 24, 2023. You must be present to vote.

Financial Secretary

Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary shall be a member of Calvary Bible Church and be elected by the congregation. The term of office for this position is three years (unless he/she is filling a partial term). The person holding the position may be re-elected for a second three-year term. He/she shall be a member of the Finance committee and shall be responsible for establishing and implementing procedures for counting or overseeing the counting of contributions, ensuring that counting takes place in a timely manner, making or ensuring that bank deposits are made, keeping a careful record of all receipts, and issuing receipts to donors.

Jeff Lundeen Brief Biography

I was raised in a Christian home and was baptized at around the age of eight. My father was a deacon in my childhood church and he and my mother instilled in me a love for God and and the desire to serve others. I have been blessed with a good Christian wife, Sunhi, and we have been married for 46 years. Our children have carried on the faith. Our daughter, Kristina, is with Athletes in Action and our son, Erik, is a pastor.

I believe a Christian out of a grateful heart for the gift he has received should serve others and their local church. As a member of Calvary Bible Church, I am involved in a variety of ways; small group Bible study, member of the Finance Committee, mentor to the Community of Parents class, New Commandment ministries, volunteer at Fair Market Thrift Store, and worked two summers on the church remodel.

New Missionaries - Plitt

New Missionaries - Plitt

Ben and Mercedes grew up hearing stories about missionaries overseas. They loved hearing how God accomplished the impossible! “Previously unreached people groups were reading and hearing God’s word in their own language and churches were being built in the most remote places.” In each of these stories, God’s word changed the hearts and lives of people having ears to hear. Now, they desire to be part of that story carrying God’s word beyond the end of the road!

Four years ago, Ben and Mercedes felt led into the field of missionary aviation. However, the unreached are unreached because they are not easy to reach. Airplanes play a strategic role in carrying the Gospel to remote regions and there’s a big need for qualified airplane mechanics and pilots right now.

Ben & Mercedes began this journey trusting that God would show them the way and he did. God led them to MMS Aviation’s Pilot/Mechanic Apprenticeship program in Coshocton, Ohio. Ben will serve as a missionary aircraft mechanic for thirty-months with MMS before serving as a pilot for two years with Missionary Air Group. After that time, they’ll be more experienced, qualified and certified to fix and fly aircraft in support of expanding God’s kingdom through the Great Commissions in remote hard to reach areas of the world.

Annual Budget

Proposed Budget (October 2023 - September 2024)


Our proposed giving budget for 2023/2024 is $2.33M which is a 3% increase over 2022/2023 projected giving.